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Garages are roofed structures attached to our houses which typically, are storage spaces for cars and other paraphernalia that has not found its place in the attic just yet. Garages are not only secure storage spaces they add to the exterior aesthetic appeal of our homes as well as the monetary value of the house.  If you are looking for something other than the obvious car, like your tool box for instance; you should definitely try looking in the garage.

Sydney homes are usually equipped with one or two, half or double garages. These garages usually are located at the back of the house and accessible either via a long driveway past the side of the house. These structures come equipped with a garage door and locking mechanism. Garage doors in  Sydney range from barn style doors with a side door to the larger, more common B & D Rolla door.
The B & D Rolla door is the most popular door in Sydney. It is assembled as a corrugated sheet of  steel that is rolled onto a roller that is mounted in a large metal case just above the entrance of the garage. It comes equipped with a central locking mechanism that is simply a lock located at the centre of the door that is opened with a key. Now garages in Sydney are usually operated using a remote control or manually.
Another garage door in Sydney which is steadily gaining popularity is the American style garage door with tilted panels that are lifted and slide on a track with a chain or remote control. There many different garage door vendors in Sydney who create customized doors for garages using a wide variety of materials and not just that they provide complete accessories as well.