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A vending machine offers significant benefits to the people in the role of a consumer as well as a side business. Firstly, the benefits to people using the vending machines as consumers are mainly, that the vending machines save a lot of time for people at work. Primarily because they are strategically placed in close vicinity to the main work hall or space. So if you feel the urge to take a break to munch on a snack, you will not have to travel several floors down and up the high street to the newsagent’s to get one. Your snack is only a couple of feet away.
A vending machine is quite profitable as a side business because you save a lot of cash in labour costs as there is no need to hire an attendant for your vending machine sales. Moreover, you can replenish it yourself or more likely hire a supplier to do it for you. If you plan on having a vending machine as a side business, you can easily find vending machines for sale in Sydney.

A vending machine is a common feature of not just offices, but other places as well, such as the airport, shopping malls,  and community centre, school, college or university cafeteria and at the gyms or sports centre. You name it, you are bound to find at least one in each of these places. However, the supplies dispensed by these machines will be different because of the customer traffic expected in each building. For instance, if you were setting up a vendingmachine in a gym or fitness centre it will have to be a healthy vending machine in Sydney. It will have to supply healthy items such as mineral water bottles, protein bars and shakes etc. Moreover,  you cannot expect people to buy a can of soda or a pack of crisps after a strenuous workout at the gym or fitness centre. Like any other business always plan a vending machine business strategically.