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You recently acquired an acreage with a cottage in the middle  and are planning to turn it into a holiday home and later a farm house when you retire. The cottage house needs a lot of renovation work. Moreover, the access to the cottage is not properly designed it wastes a lot space and you have tire tracks as a path guide through the field whenever you visit, this damages the grass. Moreover, if your acreage does not have a proper driveway, it lacks the character and aesthetic value associated with such a land holding.

A good way to get this done, would be to hire an expert to first properly design the driveway, demarcate the desired length of land. You must ensure you know the exact required width for acreage driveways  in your particular area because these requirements are regulated by the respective council. In order to get the driveway you want, you will have to get help from a professional landscaper and architect  to properly chalk out your driveway according to your requirements and council laws and guidelines. Moreover, you may have to apply for an acreage driveway permit.
An important part of this will be to get a drott hire in Brisbane, to remove the earth from the area. The next step is to plan an earth excavation The advantage of an earth excavation is it levels out the land as it gets rid of excess soil and plant debris and clears the path for laying out your driveway. There is a possibility you will have to set up temporary poles and put up signs to cordon off your work- in- progress driveway to avoid accidents.  If you hire the services of a professional contractor you should be covered for all your services.